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The online hub for professional Data Protection and Privacy consultation services for Antigua and Barbuda. Operated by G5 Cyber Security, Inc., a Caribbean-based consulting company providing Cyber Security and Data Privacy services.

Data Privacy Services

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Data Privacy Services

G5 Cyber Security provides consulting support to help Antigua and Barbudan businesses comply with both local and international laws and regulations, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Data Protection Consultation

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Manage Data Privacy risks

G5 Cyber Security, Inc. is a Caribbean-based consulting company providing Cyber Security and Data Privacy services.

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Holistic ways G5 Cyber Security supports your business.

Privacy Identification

Support to implement an organisation­al under­standing to manage privacy risk for individuals arising from data processing. G5CS supports with mapping privacy data within the business.

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Privacy Governance

Support to implement an organizational governance structure to enable an ongoing understanding of the organization’s risk management priorities that are informed by privacy risk.

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Support to implement appropriate activities to enable organizations or individuals to manage data with sufficient granularity to manage privacy risks.

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Privacy Communication

Support to implement activities that enable organizations and individuals to have a reliable understanding about how data are processed and associated privacy risks.

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Privacy Protection

Support to implement data processing safeguards through identity management, data security, policies and procedures, maintenance and using protective technology.

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